Citizens Against Corruption new approach

After years of half-hearted and failed attempts Kenya needs a common sense approach to combat corruption. This is more urgent following the State House circus dubbed Anti-Corruption and Governance Summit on October 18, 2016 at which anti-corruption and enforcement agencies exhibited their hopelessness in combating Kenya’s No 1 socio-economic menace, now emerging as a major National security threat.  

Corruption is a moral decay issue with serious personal. family and economic consequences. Corruption is a self-inflicted crime you can say no to and live with a clear conscience than fight with a feeling of guilt in old age misery or in prison.

Citizens Against Corruption new approach involves

  • Developing a Corruption symbol with which Kenyans can relate the social Evil. This will be the first such symbol in Kenya.
  • Launch a National Anti-Corruption Awareness initiative.
  • Provide a vehicle on which to create Anti-Corruption Awareness known as Citizens Against Corruption network.
  • Induce Communities Enrichment and Hyper-sensitization on matters Corruption as a National Rearmament awakening.
  • Develop and Generate enabling Awareness Products.
  • Devote part of recovered Corruption proceeds to fight corruption

Key Message: ‘Stop Corruption, it’s Evil  (Zuia ufisadi)

Stop Corruption - its evil copy.jpg

Corruption is of major concern in national and County politics and every effort should be made to combat it in most visible awareness campaign and products.

We develop and produce Ant-Corruption products to generate awareness in every conceivable aspect of Kenyan life, Institutional occupation, professional bodies, businesses, social and political activities.

We urge cooperation among all actors to help Stop rampant Corruption under Citizens Against Corruption partnership as part of a broader effort to achieve Vision 2030 Development Goals and sustainable development in order to build a future of Dignity and Opportunity for all.

We believe complete transparency, accountability and easy accessibility at all rungs of the government services, and its procurement of goods, can go a long way in solving the Corruption menace. The citizens on their part must learn not to bribe public servants to render services they are paid to

Always gather the courage to say no to anyone who gives or demands a bribe from you. When you accept or give a bribe, you diminish your esteem. You become an object whose value can be determined by the amount of money you are given or you give, whether you are a junior officer, a CEO or a politician.

Put yourself in the shoes of once famous and powerful finance ministers and parastatal chief executives facing corruption charges locally and internationally. They never planned a retirement into a life of public shame. Corruption money is cursed.

The money some of yesteryears most feared ministers and CEOs accumulated in corrupt deals is now changing hands into lawyers bank accounts, prosecutors and doctors accounts not helping their family members whom they thought would benefit from their easy come riches. Some are suffering from HIV-AIDS as are their concubines and other people whose lives their ill-gotten money destroyed. Others are suffering from family break-ups that graft money can’t cement.

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