Welcome to Citizens Against Corruption

Citizens Against Corruption Initiative provides a platform for a vividly visible Public commonsense Anti-Corruption Awareness Campaign to all facets of the Kenyan social fabric never witnessed in Kenya before.

The highly intrusive initiative will be driven by Inter Press Services (IPS) as a community-driven effort advocating the Fight Against Corruption and the importance of inclusive co-operation and partnerships to generate intensive and inescapable National Anti-Corruption Awareness.

Kenyans must at all times focus their attention upon the social evil that robs our Motherland the dignity and the opportunity to be the true land of milk and honey where citizens live in Unity, Peace and Liberty enjoying Justice and Prosperity.

This project is designed to generate Anti-Corruption Awareness products, whose manufacture will generate jobs and incomes for youth, women, community groups,, religious organisations and professionals in several fields. Some products will also promote environmental protection through recycling plastic waste.