5 Citizens Against Corruption Covenants

Citizens Against Corruption Kenya members commit ourselves to the following 5 Covenants to give us a sense of Nationalistic Patriotism in pursuance of Economic Prosperity, Social Security and National Peace.

  1. We believe a bribe is money or a favour given or promised in order to influence the judgment or conduct of a person in a trusted position. Corruption blinds the discerning and perverts the words of the righteous – it is Evil.
  1. We believe Kenya citizens must develop a strong sense of individual and National Values that uphold Human Dignity above all other pursuits to rid our country of the tag  “man eat man society” where money is NOT worshiped and looters of public coffers idolized or rewarded with political offices.
  1. We believe in combating corruption in all its forms and in promoting meritocracy. We also believes in strengthening Anti-Corruption Statutes and institutions such that the corrupt acts of State officials and Private Sector are severely punished and stolen assets recovered so that corruption is eliminated.
  1. We believe in accountability and transparency for those holding public and private offices because no such officer is indispensable. Corrupt persons have no sense of the value of human lives or that of hard-earned money is.
  1. Citizens Against Corruption affirm;
  • Our believe in basic principles of Public Thrift, Probity and Self-reliance of our country.
  • We are opposed to abuse of power in the acquisition of individual wealth.
  • We deplore corruption, organized crime and criminal cartels.
  • We believe in maintenance of public safety, ethics and moral decency to enhance National Peace, Economic Prosperity and Social Harmony.