Branding and Merchandising Anti-Corruption Advocacy

Citizens Against Corruption Awareness and Advocacy is modelled on common-sense awareness delivery beginning with a symbol to identify Corruption as an evil thing that Kenyans must stop and shun association and engagement with.

A wide range of awareness and advocacy products have been developed to traverse consumer platforms, comprising a wide choice of anti-corruption-branded merchandise. Others will be public billboards, back-packs, notice boards, indoor boards, posters, flyers and stickers. Marketing via electronic media channels will include video clips and illustrated messages on internet platforms of websites, blogs, FaceBook, Twitter, WhatsUp etc and any new ones.

For the first time in a public awareness initiative a wide variety of income generating advocacy products have been developed which will require factories to manufacture merchandise such as anti-corruption-branded clothe wear, household items like utensils, bed sheets, bed covers, pillows, table mats and trays, floor mats, name it, to be sold by youth and women groups,jua kali vendors, Supermarkets and for export.

We shall churn out multiples of innovative products and messaging platforms to constantly remind Kenyans about evils of Corruption, Caution them in a bid to influence their Behaviour-change and Personal Values. The messages will invade homes, offices and roads carried by products impossible to block. Our argument is simple. if products to curb diseases such as Malaria can be sold as mosquito nets and insecticides, so can products to combat Corruption to motivate behaviour change.

The most important component in this initiative is that products will be manufactured in Kenya, by Kenyans with Kenyan raw materials. Initially some production equipment many be foreign made but they will soon be dismantled and Kenyan equivalent manufactured locally. We shall take the industrial journey perfected by the Far East Tigers, Japan and China to make products for domestic and export markets. Kenya has no business importing basic domestic and household products from China and casual wear from foreign economies.

We shall collaborate with religious bodies to promote Anti-Corruption Evangelism, which will involve year-long sermons focusing on corruption and targeting Sunday schools, youth and old audiences. Inter Press Services will provide guidance on specific Bible and Koran verses on Corruption that can be expounded upon through out the year. We shall recommend an Annual Theme Verse along with short video clips and illustration images that can be displayed during the sermons on LCD monitors.

Faith-based leaders on February 2, 2016 pledged to work with Ethics and Anti Corruption Commission (EACC) and Citizens Against Corruption plans to aid in the war on corruption by providing religious organisations with anti-corruption branded merchandise to enhance the fight against corruption. Citizens Against Corruption made a  presentation to EACC and faith-based breakfast meeting and both expressed the view that was the Way Forward.

Anti-Corruption Evangelism will not be faith-based as religious teaching but aimed at morality and behaviour change to fortify individual values system. Anti-Corruption Evangelism will be double-edged sword to curb rampant corruption within religious organisations as well as among the flock – which will serve as consumers of our products.


Citizens Against Corruption youth and women groups will be guided in the manufacture of Anti-Corruption products for sale to Church congregations to earn income for themselves and their Churches. Churches will be encouraged to organise Crusades in different parts of the country and spread Anti-Corruption Evangelism as well as sell revenue-earning advocacy products in large numbers.

Experience has shown that Kenyans adopt behaviour change when sensitized adequately. They no longer smoke in buses, cinemas, bars and streets as they did openly some decades ago. Young children have not been left out and many will surprise their parents with Anti-Corruption temporary tattoos when they return from recreational parks.Parents are encouraged to openly discuss the evils of corruption with their young ones.

Here below is the initiative symbol which will be prominently used in Anti-Corruption Awareness and Advocacy products, which will be sold to the general public, institutions and exported.
Initiative Symbol

Stop Corruption-its evil.jpg


Stop Corruption - Wacha Ufisadi.jpg

Anti-Corruption Awareness and Advocacy products – commercial samples

Flowery T-Shirt.jpg   love-and-faith-white-t-shirt-001


Cloth wear - Batiks.jpg



Fast foods 4-seater table cloths

ACAC Branded beddings.jpg

The line of textile products will include in-house designs of a wide choice to be printed by collaborating Textile firm.

Awareness through Consumer products

We look forward to forming collaborative partnership with Consumer Products manufacturers so as to be attaching Anti-Corruption Stickers on their products packaging or indeed, print the symbols on their products.

Consumer products carrying Anti-Corruption messages will generate considerable awareness among consumers. We believe manufacturers, who support the War on Corruption would have no problem conveying their support with stickers on their consumer products or through electronic platforms.

Consumer products.jpg

Such consumer products platforms will include dairy products packets, water and other beverages bottles, cooking oils, food products packets to name a few.

The inclusion of Anti-Corruption Awareness stickers on products will be Corporate Citizens evidence of their support and willingness to join in the war on graft, which has never been sought or demonstrated before.

Market Outlets

Citizens Against Corruption will encourage recycling containers distinctly painted pink (universal colour for transparency) which will serve as distribution outlets and placed in easily accessible strategic points.

Use of containers will save Citizens Against Corruption clusters money they would pay as monthly premises or office rent, they would also be maintenance free.