About Citizens Against Corruption


Welcome to Citizens Against Corruption

Citizesn Against Corruption, in partnership with youth, women, church groups and corporate organisations, will work together to roll out nationwide Anti-Corruption Awareness to reach every corner of the Kenyan Nation.

We shall promote Anti Corruption common-sense initiatives from residential clusters and wards/sub-locations aimed at combating Corruption working together with Central Government, County Governments, Religious organisations and wananchi as the key stakeholders. The main objective is to change the Kenyan  youth attitude towards corruption, which favours the social evil.

Several surveys have shown that majority of Kenyan youth see no evil in corruption. This is because they are now grown ups who were born during the corruption-ridden harambee contributions Kanu years in which public officers demanded financial contributions from those seeking government services at every level.

They went to school when dairy products giant, Kenya Creameries Co-operative (KCC) was bankrupted with free milk given to them while dairy farmers were never paid. They joined University during the height of multi-billion-shilling Goldenberg scandal, graduated during the Angloleasing and Triton scandals and were employed alongside claims of EuroBond. They are marrying during ongoing Youth Fund and National Youth Service (NYS) scandals.

They have never seen any senior government minister or top official jailed for corruption that drains a Third of the National Budget. They have every reason to believe Corruption is a way of life in Kenya worth living. All along they have seen people in politics, business and neighbourhoods, who have stolen billions of shillings, dodging prosecution and jail using long-lasting judicial circles and others going about their lives and those of their families without any fear of retribution.

They see corrupt top civil servants, senior police officers and judges sent home to enjoy the fruits of their evil-driven public life even when vetting boards gather evidence that they were involved in crimes punishable everywhere else except in Kenya. How can they refuse to be involved in corruption when opportunity knocks?

Unfortunately for many public officers, President Uhuru Kenyatta May 2018, decided to turn the tide against the corrupt through Lifestyle Audit that will separate the wheat from the weed. Citizens Against Corruption fully endorses the Lifestyle Audit and urges that all  of those caught having used their offices to plunder public coffers be prosecuted and jailed.

Corruption in Kenya has traditionally eaten a third of the National Budget. With annual budget of Ksh 3 Trillion a whooping  Ksh1 Trillion will be lost to Corruption. That is a loss Kenyans should no longer bear.

This innovative project involves direct public participation in the war on corruption that offers commercial benefits never offered before because emphasis has been on arrests after corruption has taken place and not prevention with citizen engagement.

The  impact of Citizens Against Corruption project will be phenomenal multi-million-dollar business creating jobs and revenue earning opportunities for millions of Kenyans and triggering industrial growth in tandem with the Big 4 National Development agenda.

The wide range of consumer products will be driven by demand. Specializing on products for domestic, office, moral rectitude-messaging cloth-wear, artistic trinkets, murals and general merchandise to ensure a self-sustainable business.

Corruption is a long-term concern and attractive anti-corruption awareness products will be marketable for many years to come. Kenya must cease to be a man-eat-man society and transform into a civilized society.