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Impact of Corruption

Corruption Eats a Third of National Budget, which will translate to a Billion Shillings in 2016-2017

Understanding the concept of Corruption presupposes that one should have a clear dichotomy of what it entails and what constitutes it in the simplest term. That is what Kenya citizens need to know at grassroots level.

Corruption is a global issue, with serious implications worldwide for families, economies, poverty, socio-economic stability and sustainable development. Added to that is the growing terrorism menace, which rides on Corruption recklessly driven by unpatriotic nationals and those radicalized to do harm to humanity killing fellow human beings randomly and for no fault at all.

African Countries are worst affected by corruption as they are depleted of billions of money their fragile economies badly need for security, development and advancement of social prosperity. The worst part of it is that African leaders and their cronies in public and private sectors are active partners looting their Motherlands and shipping the money to developed nations.

Corruption breeds Poverty

Corruption is a major catalyst for poverty. It commits communities into vicious cycles of poverty that manifest themselves with lack of basic social amenities, organized criminal cartels, terrorism and internecine conflicts.

Developing economies are predominantly buffeted with barrages of corrupt practices that have deep anchorage in the socio-political and cultural psyche and existence in such nations. Communities especially in the rural areas suffer untold hardship as a result of what can be termed as organised or systematised corruption.

Corruption robs them of better health, education and social amenities for which they pay taxes and guarantee foreign loans worth trillions. Wananchi should understand the linkages to guard against pitfalls within their communities.

The increased frequency and severity of Corruption makes Citizens Against Corruption initiative no longer an option but an immediate social responsibility whose time has come.

What can be done?

  • Develop a Corruption symbol with which Kenyans can relate the social Evil. This will be the first such symbol in Kenya.
  • Launch a National Anti-Corruption Awareness initiative.
  • Provide a vehicle on which to create Anti-Corruption Awareness known as Citizens Against Corruption network.
  • Induce Communities Enrichment and Hyper-sensitization on matters Corruption as a National Rearmament awakening.
  • Develop and Generate enabling Awareness Products.
  • Devote part of recovered Corruption proceeds to fight corruption

Key Message: ‘Stop Corruption, Zuia Ufisadi’

Awareness through Consumer products

Consumer products stickers.jpg

Corruption is of major concern in national and County politics and every effort should be made to combat it in most visible awareness campaign and products.

We develop and produce Ant-Corruption products to generate awareness in every conceivable aspect of Kenyan life, Institutional occupation, professional bodies, businesses, social and political activities.

We look forward to forming collaborative partnership with Consumer Products manufacturers so as to be attaching Anti-Corruption Stickers on their products packaging or indeed, print the symbols on their products.

Consumer products carrying Anti-Corruption messages will generate considerable awareness among consumers. We believe manufacturers, who support the War on Corruption would have no problem conveying their support with stickers on their consumer products or through electronic platforms.

Such consumer products platforms will include dairy products packets, water and other beverages bottles, cooking oils, food products packets to name a few.

The inclusion of Anti-Corruption Awareness stickers on products will be corporate citizens support and willingness to join in the war on graft, which has never sought before or demonstrated before.

We urge cooperation among all actors to help Stop rampant Corruption under Citizens Against Corruption partnership as part of a broader effort to achieve Vision 2030 Development Goals and sustainable development in order to build a future of Dignity and Opportunity for all.

We believe complete transparency, accountability and easy accessibility at all rungs of the government services, and its procurement of goods, can go a long way in solving the Corruption menace. The citizens on their part must learn not to bribe public servants to render services they are paid to deliver.