Corruption Analysis

Azimio la Umoja au la Kuzama?

What did Raila Trip to US achieve?

Just to make reference to the strategy or rather the lack of it by Azimio!

The tour to the US had three major news worthy events coming out of it namely; a) The meeting with Kenyans in DC, b) The speech at the Centre for Global Development and c) The “chance meeting with Senator Ted Cruz!

Now to my point; What was the benefit to Kenyans for this tour? What was the overarching theme that adds value to Raila’s presidential campaign?

What was the framing of the tour? Was it Raila and Martha Karua on the world stage detailing an agenda for their foreign Policy should they ascend to office?

Well, in my considered opinion there is nothing that was communicated that enhances the prospects of the campaign with the public. There is no theme for the Tour and nothing to hold up as an indicator of success for the same.

Might there have been private meetings and certain concessions, conditions or considerations entered between the candidate and the Americans? Certainly! But for such he did not need to go to DC to ink them.

Does it seem like William Ruto’s tour was better organized, better framed including the optics and Raila Amolo Odinga’s tour was to play catch up? Certainly! Except for the fake meeting with US President Joe Biden and the nonsense about touring White House plus the dismal diaspora dinner attendance.

Is RAO’s 2022 Presidential run stumbling from one idea to the next trying to make sense of what it is all about? Seems like it to a keen observer.

A campaign operation full of tactical maneuvers without an anchoring strategy that joins all these tactics to achieve something meaningful. A glaring deficit on communicating what the bigger picture of the campaign is really about.

The “Azimio La Umoja” theme of “unity” was a masterpiece but it seems to have been discarded and now it is open season for all messages. It would be very sensible to create a clarion call emphasizing unity against Kenya’s enemy Number one – CORRUPTION – For instance Azimio la Umoja, Zuia Ufisadi! – Unity Resolve to Stop Corruption.

There is no doubt that Corruption is an economic cancer that will become an epidemic should Ruto be voted president (God forbid). Fighting corruption would be Raila’s everlasting legacy. The world is increasingly focusing on the War on Corruption and ripping open hitherto “save havens” because it is a global meance.

In conclusion, this seeming confusion, this presumed lack of strategy, this apparent political hypocrisy embedded in disjointed tactics, may very well make it possible for the Azimio campaign to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

Simply put, Azimio la Umoja is like a rudderless ship in the midst of a storm in the high seas while the ship captain is cooling off with a mug of rum – yelling Yooh! Yooh! Yooh!