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Sunday Thought: Open Letter to Major General Mohamed Badi

July 27, 2020

Major General Mohamed Badi


Nairobi Metropolitan Services

Nairobi County Government


Dear Director General,


Sir, You have done a splendid job on the roads of our capital city and slum settlements, which have been eye soles for decades. That is a legacy that will ride on you for years.

That is because politicians have encouraged the growth of slums as their electoral vote reservoirs while paying lip service to millions of impoverished human beings who adore them for handouts in denial of essential social services.

Your administration is changing the face and well being of Nairobi for the better in many aspects to the benefit of residents who over the years have been robbed of their recreational open spaces, educational and health facilities land and even life-saving fire stations by unscrupulous individuals driven by insatiable greed for money that they worship and place before fellow human lives.

Sir, It’s in that spirit, faith and appreciation of your administration’s demonstrated enthusiasm in recovery of public land, grabbed by individuals, that Citizens Against Corruption Kenya (CACK) is requesting you to pursue recovery of Buru Buru Secondary School land that was grabbed by a former Town Planning Director Mr Mwangi Wangondu and his wife Mercy W Mwangi.

The recovery of Grabbed Schools land is now essential given Coronavirus Social Distancing will demand extra space and additional classes for students. The Nairobi City County Government should execute the recovery of GRABBED Harambee Secondary School Land in Buru Buru without further delay.

On the grabbed land stands buildings that can be converted into a Secondary School before 2021 and a and a higher learning institution 2022. Indeed, the buildings on the GRABBED Land need not be destroyed because they can be refurbished to provide INSTANT Secondary School with SOCIAL DISTANCING, facilities for LIBRARY, LABORATORIES and Higher Education Institute and Staff quarters as well as a play field.

Sir, The Ethics and Anti Corruption Commission, the Ministry of Lands and City Hall have demonstrated reluctancy in recovering the said land far too long. Current occupants will surely be willing to get reasonable compensation, if any, in sympathy of COVID-19 pandemic, which is also affecting their businesses.

There are documents that clearly show Mr Wangondu abused his office in grabbing a clearly established educational facility to benefit himself and his family.

One document indicates some the lease of the grabbed land took effect on Sunday August 1, 1982 – a day deeply embedded in your memory as one when renegade elements of the Kenya Air Force (KAF) staged the abortive coup. Being a Sunday full of political turbulence no government offices were open to transact any land matters.

On September 24, 2008, the adjacent Harambee Primary School management, whose students were planned to be beneficiaries of Harambee Secondary School, wrote to the then Minister for Lands Hon James Orengo, to repossess the grabbed land but to no avail. Mr Wang’ondu as Nairobi City Council Planning director was fully aware that the land he grabbed was intended for Harambee Secondary School.

Sir, Your administration is the only hope Harambee Primary School and thousands of residents in neigbouring Harambee Estate, Nairobi County Buru Buru and 5-phased Buru Buru Estate believe can repossess the grabbed land.

A large portion of the grabbed land has remained underutilized and provides a makeshift football pitch for neighbourhood youths after several confrontations over the years with the late Wagondu.

The grabbed land is a valuable public jewel for the residents in the neighbouring thousands of families whose children are entitled to enjoy than one individual.

We believe justice shall prevail and the cries of the powerless shall be heard and pacified.

Yours faithfully in public service,

Blamuel Njururi

CEO Citizens Against Corruption Kenya (CACK)

Last Word:

Major General Mohamed Badi

Director-General , Nairobi Metropolitan Services, Nairobi County Government

Time has come to discard the disgraceful and notorious label of our motherland as a man-eat-man society which draws its meaning from the endemic CORRUPTION by GREEDY individuals who shamelessly steal public resources and assets from fellow citizens without any iota of shame or remorse.

Kenya and her resources are for all Kenyans not for CORRUPTOCRATS who consider themselves entitled to God-given resources at the expense of fellow Kenyans.

Major General Badi pursue recovery of every inch of public land within the confines of Nairobi City County with courage, resolve and determination of a soldier always ready to defend and die for fellow citizens and his country.

Special Request:

We are people-centred public interest crusaders against CORRUPTION because the Social Evil robs current and future generations of the opportunity to live in a motherland flowing with milk and honey as envisaged by our National Anthem . Help our crusade to Build a Better Kenya.

May we dwell in Unity, Peace and Liberty, Plenty be found within our Borders.