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Ruto supporters urged to campaign against the War on Corruption

My Sunday Thought

By Blamuel Njururi, Citizens Against Corruption Kenya (CACK) CEO, Nairobi – May 3, 2020

Ruto supporters desire is not to build a prosperous Kenya but to cash in on said Ksh 5 billion and create a rogue government where graft will be rewarded in a Banana Republic.

My thought this Sunday is about a very disturbing memo attributed to a former cabinet secretary Davis Chirchir outlining Deputy President William Ruto Presidential 2022 election campaign strategy for which the memo says Ksh 5 billion has already been set aside by the Deputy President.

My fears and tears go the millions of innocent Kenyans likely to be caught between political and ethnic parties skirmishes should the strategy be implemented as outlined – including fomenting crisis that can plunge this country into a political and constitutional crisis that will make this country ungovernable.

For some very peculiar reasons the strategy is almost cut-and-paste presidential election plot drawn by Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) for 2007 Raila Amolo Odinga campaign that culminated in the worst bloodshed in Kenya during which over 1,500 innocent Kenyans were butchered, over 165,000 families rendered internally displaced persons (IDPs) and billions lost in economic upheaval and resettlement costs.

Not surprising blood thirsty Kenyans were not satisfied with the rivers of blood in the killing fields of the Rift Valley and are yearning for a repeat. This is a matter the Kenya Government can ignore in the interest of public order, peace and national tranquility. When Kenya Confidential raise the red flag by exposing the ODM strategy in 2007, the Kibaki government ignored it and later paid billions of shillings in the failed IDPs compensation and settlement efforts.

For today, the part of the strategy that outlines the planners views of CORRUPTION in Kenya, betrays their entire objective as supporters of the social menace. Ruto supporters desire is not to build a prosperous Kenya but to cash in on said Ksh 5 billion and create a rogue government where graft will be rewarded in a Banana Republic.

The evil plotters have betrayed themselves and their intentions in the following, inter alia, ten areas of their appeal to co-conspirators for support:

  1. This war (on corruption) is without doubt an anti-hustler war. It has affected every hustler adversely and it is specifically meant to frustrate the supporters of Dr. William Ruto.

It is noteworthy that Ruto has publicly repeated that he does not believe CORRUPTION can stop any leader from delivering in Kenya despite evidence in billions worth of projects stalled all over the country after public funds were fraudulently siphoned by public officers. The capital city of Nairobi Sewage project at Ruai stalled after a company associated with Ruto acquired 3,000 acres intended for the project in 1996 as a reward for Youth for Kanu (YK’92) getting Dictator Daniel Moi re-elected in 1992.

2. It affected importers who were importing sub-standard goods such as phones and impure sugar, which had a ready market locally. The government enforced regulations at the port and the Inland Container Depot (ICD), detaining containers and goods for long periods of time, occasioning hefty demurrage charges to hustler traders. 

Over the years the Kenya government has been losing billions of shillings to importers of counterfeit products including fake mobile phones and adulterated foodstuffs like sugar laced with killer chemicals like Mercury that Ruto supports now say had a ready market when many Kenyans are dying from Cancer epidemic. Such imports are by public officers with funds stolen from Public Coffers not Gikomba hustlers who live from hand to mouth slaving for the wealthy importers.

3. They also escalated import duty and, significantly, they arrested friendly KRA people and appointed an uncouth plainclothes policeman with smelly armpits as the Director-General of KRA.

The plainclothes policeman has smelly armpits because he is not CORRUPT to steal public funds or take bribes from importers to buy Cologne perfumes and deny government revenue. Ruto supporters want Customs Officers to take bribes and allow smuggling of imports duty-free that are expensive to Kenya consumers.

4. They also removed our supporters from the treasury and other strategic offices in blatant and unconstitutional discrimination.

This particular claim implicates former Cabinet Secretary and Principal Secretary facing CORRUPTION and several other key officers from energy and other utility parastatals facing similar charges. Such claims only serve to vindicate the government action.

5. Finally, they appointed a rogue DCI Director, an incorruptible Director of Public Prosecutions who is a member of the dynasty, and a virulently anti-corruption fanatic at the EACC. 

Finally it is no longer a secret why Ruto supporters have been fighting the offices of the DCI, DPP and EACC on matters of CORRUPTION investigations and prosecutions.

Anti-Corruption War marked men: DCI George Kinoti, DPP Noordin Haji and Twalib Mbarak the EACC chief 

6. They then arm-twisted Chief Justice Maraga to form an anti-corruption court. 

No doubt anti-CORRUPTION courts will be abolished under Ruto dynasty.

7. These developments are all anti-William Ruto, period. 

Such partisan conclusion is self-explanatory – the one who pays the piper calls the tune.

8. Their overall impact has been to reduce the amount of resources coming to our campaign. Fortunately, the Lord has been kind to us and we have raised enough resources since 2013.

Finally, Ruto supporters have let the cat out of the bag. Ruto appointees  in key ministries and parastatals since 2013 had one primary responsibility – to raise funds for his 2022 Presidential bid. This explains how a former junior employee at the National Treasury, who earned Ksh 16,000 month, was paid Ksh 664 million between 2014 and 2017 using fake companies. Kimwarer and Arror dams disappearing funds are further evidence.

9. All members of our campaign should redouble their effort in the fully knowledge that a Ruto presidency shall introduce a business-friendly environment for all hustlers and appoint capable officers to replace the unfriendly incumbents.

Anybody familiar with Jubilee Manifesto or UhuRuto promises since 2013 in TNA, knows better than such empty campaign promise. Jubilee’s flagship project SGR is marooned in Rift Valley not even half way to Kisumu after Ksh 540 billion for a project that was originally budgeted for Ksh 43 billion. It would have been even cheaper if built along the old railway where no land would have been compensated at exorbitant cost. Sports stadia promised all over the country have never been delivered and Ruto supporters should be grateful they now have a good excuse why not – Coronavirus.

10 .Before then, however, we are asking that our campaigners politicize this war as much as possible by making such claims as: “This war is targeting people from one region,” “This so-called war is anti-business”, “Uhuru has ruined the economy with this stupid war,” “This war is bad for Kikuyus, Asians and Somalis,” “Uhuru is bad for business,” etc.

That appeal leaves no doubt that all along statements made by Ruto supporters about the President Uhuru’s War on CORRUPTION were premised on nothing but politicizing the fight.

Ruto supporters now want to shift to a higher gear to ethnic dimension pitying the President against the Kalenjin in Rift Valley region, business savvy Kikuyu and Somalis. That is borrowed from divide-and-rule political memoirs of the late Dictator Moi, who created the politician Ruto is.

Deputy President Ruto declined to confirm or deny knowledge of the 2022 presidential election strategy inquiry via Whatsup. His views on the subject are welcome.

Last Word:

Ruto was created by the dynasties he pretends to hate in order to climb to power on the backs of ignorant Kenya youths!