By Blamuel Njururi, Citizens Against Corruption National Coordinator, June 7, 2019
As you read the letter below there are a few points of argument I would like to share with you regarding our Parliamentarians greed for money that is not even theirs, money they do not generate yet they squander it the generosity of pick-pockets drunkards in bars.
Just the other year President Daniel arap Moi was publicly complaining that Kenya Planters Co-Operative Union (KPCU) Managing Director Henry Kinyua was earning more money than him at Ksh 75,000 but did not increase his salary then neither did he order Parliament, which was on his call and beck to increase his perks.
In recent years  MPs increase their salaries and allowances whenever they choose contrary to the Constitutional mandate of the Salaries and Renumeration Commission (SRC). In turn they trigger spiral demands from other civil servants for higher salaries every year.
The reason Public servants salaries should never be compared with private sector is because private sector employees generate the revenue that pays them within the institution unlike government institutions that depend on citizens taxes.
 Civil servants are net consumers of public taxes and those who generate government revenue by way of fees and fines collect negligible amounts compared to public taxes. The amount of taxes MPs pay and most other civil servants cannot amount to the salaries and benefits they take home unlike private sector businesses which have to meet all their expenses or go bankrupt.
MPs and other public servants keep demanding higher pay every year are driving the Kenya Government to bankruptcy. They cannot ride on the back of private sector, farmers sweat and self-employees for ever.
They also should not be the ones to decide how to squander public coffers dishing out favours to retired presidents, speakers and God knows who. It is not their money. That money belongs even to the unborn Kenyan children.
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Your Excellencies,
I humbly take this rare opportunity to pen this open letter with considerable humility to add my voice to your close associates and advisors who are advising you to reject the millions of shillings Parliament is offering you as so-called handshake. You honestly do not need it.

Your Excellencies

I was a Parliamentary Reporter for the best part of 1970s when our Members of Parliament were Servant Leaders guided by Patriotism for their Motherland and fellow citizens. The Kibakis, Ogingas,, JM Kariuki’s, Seroneys, Nyamweyas, Ngeis, Shikukus, Grace Onyangos the list is long of men and women who served as politicians of dignity and with decorum.

I admired the sobriety, maturity and devotion to their duty earning less money than many managing directors in private sector. Ministers, assistant ministers and MPs always put their country before their stomachs. They were men and women who fought to make Kenya a better place than they found it and they did. Politics was a calling to serve not to loot.

Today Members of Parliament live in opulence only comparable to that of sons and daughters of western entrepreneurs sitting on a chain of family business inheritance over many years.

Politics and entry to Parliament is the most lucrative investment in Kenya today. So is the insatiable greed for public money by people who are insensitive of human suffering by fellow citizens – millions of them a ticking bomb in jobless youths.

Your Excellency Daniel,

I have fond memories of our encounters and interactions when I was managing editor at Kenya Times – especially one Thursday when you launched Kenya Times and requested that we also start a Sunday edition.

I promised you there would be Sunday Times the following Sunday and indeed, some 10 copies were delivered to State House by 6 am as I had promised two days earlier.

I will never forget the breakfast we had at State House Nakuru during which you asked me to run a story to the effect that Uganda was planning to attach Kenya and I told you we could not publish such a story without tangible evidence showing Ugandan Tanks or troops massing on the Kenyan border.

I pointed out we would endanger the lives of the both Kenyans and Ugandans in and along the common border and create unnecessary panic.

Your Excellency,

You acted not the intolerant dictator many associated with but calmly took your fimbo yaNyayoto join the Luo delegation that had paid homage to you.

As Foreign Editor at the Standard, I covered you on foreign trips including one of your visits to India, during which you strolled down the aisle and had a long chat on your trip. Your head of the then Presidential Press Unit Wamatu Njoroge kept mum most of the time as a formal respect to his boss.

It is real pity that in your final years a cabal of civil servants and politicians hatched the notorious Goldenberg International into which you were super-imposed to facilitate massive looting of Public Coffers. It would be difficult to exonerate you and your cronies from the plunder but its execution included your head of intelligence James Kanyotu who ought to have been your gate keeper against graft.

Your Excellency, Kibaki,

I started Kenya Confidential as a Blue A4 Newsletter to publicize your presidential bid in 1997 and give the opposition in general a voice that mainstream media would not give you for fear of losing government favour and advertisers. Kenya Confidential rapidly gained popularity and no doubt marketed you as the leader who should have taken over the helms of a dying dictatorship.

A divided opposition and electoral corruption denied you that opportunity until 2003 when you romped home to salvage our Motherland. You devoted valuable time to fight Corruption but it had sank roots so deep you appeared to be scratching shallow stretches.

Your efforts to fight Corruption like your predecessor His Excellency Moi were frustrated by a Civil Service that was allowed to do private business in 1971 and decided they would invest in Abuse of Office and take advantage of their offices in liaison with tenderpreneurs – some on them relatives and family members.

Your Excellency,

You had the misfortune of inheriting Anglo Leasing at its infancy from the Moi regime that was facilitated by top civil servants in cahoots with your personal assistant. Your nephew the late Alex Muriithi (RIP) was deeply concerned and when he requested me to investigate the Anglo Leasing scam for you, I prepared a comprehensive 10-page dossier detailing the men and women who were colluding with Deepak Kamani.

As happens with many Presidents, you were let down by the people you trusted most. They are part of what former South African President Nelson Mandela described as “Third Force”. Diluted parts of the report were read to Parliament later.

As is so common in Kenya the investigations and prosecution of those involved was selective, shoddy and intended to yield zero jail terms. There were sacred cows that no one dared touch and politicians who manipulated corrupt investigators, prosecutors and judges to escape and they did.

By the time you left you had rebuilt a healthy economy despite the demonic disturbance of 2007-2008 genocide because you never lost your focus in resuscitating a motherland you love with all your heart.

Your Excellencies,

I believe both of you as former presidents are watching with dismay as today’s Parliament stumbles from one scandal to the other with a know-it-all attitude, self-consuming importance and free flowing greed. It is with that in mind that I am publicly appeal to you to reject to be part of the hemorrhaging of Public Coffers by a greedy and corrupt parliament that remains insensitive to national economic hardships, and refuse the so-called handshake.

You are living a comfortable life, your do not need the money, you do not wish to squander what your grandchildren and those of millions of fellow Kenyans can benefit from now and in future.

Your Excellencies,

May the Almighty God Bless Your Excellencies as you enjoy the blessings of Life.

God Bless our Motherland Kenya.

Blamuel Njururi