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How Kenya Citizens Can Participate in the War on CORRUPTION and Make Money

By Blamuel Njururi, Citizens Against Corruption Kenya CEO, Nairobi, March 21, 2019
On reading the this article you will understand that the Fight Against Corruption cannot be the responsibility of the Government Agencies like the Directorate of Criminal Investigations, Ethics and Anti Corruption Commission and Directorate of Criminal Investigations or even the Kenya Judiciary.
Every Kenyan, EXCEPT the CORRUPT has an important role in fighting CORRUPTION in very many PREVENTIVE approaches. The War on Corruption MUST be fought from ALL social FRONTS – one of them is creating MASS Public Awareness.

Again Kenyans of a clear conscience should be ready and willing to create Public Awareness in several ways such as;

1. Discuss the EVILS of CORRUPTION and Persuade your relatives, friends and associates to REFRAIN from any CORRUPT practices however lucrative they may appear.
2. Make FULL USE of the Social Media and other platforms to attack and DISSUADE all and sundry from engaging in CORRUPTION. Expressing your opinion against Corruption can go a long way to inform those likely to be tempted by the Social Evil.
3. Wear attires that may have a message Against Corruption by which you can generate conversation on the Social EVIL – that can be a cap, causal wear, a badge, a handbag etc etc. Do not hesitate to INITIATE a conversation on CORRUPTION whenever anyone shows interest on such items.
4. Citizens Against Corruption Kenya (CACK) approach is to MERCHANDISE the War on CORRUPTION Awareness and make MONEY in the process through innovative branded products – not as a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) advocacy.

A lot of money is made in wars and the War on Corruption should not be an exception!
5. The Commercial approach will promote GENUINE Public Participation by groups of Youth, Women, and Persons Living with Disabilities as well as others who are economically marginalized in Society. Such groups will be able to secure seed capital from Public Institutions with enabling Funds Commercially.

Who drives CORRUPTION in Kenya?

CORRUPTION IN Kenya is NOT repeat NOT about #UhuRuto election or Jubilee Government. In fact it is NOT about who you elect as your representative or President as many Kenyans are made to believe by Political analysts and shallow anti-CORRUPTION crusaders.
CORRUPTION in Kenya is a Thick layer of Criminal GREED driven by Public and Private sectors.

Civil servants in Central and County Governments propel the Public sector CORRUPTION. They are the ones handling Budgets and know how to cut corners during tendering and contracting of projects and guide CORRUPT Tenderpreneurs and greedy Politicians on how to PLUNDER Public COFFERS.
The same Civil Servants CONSPIRE with CORRUPT Private Sector players to import and supply shoddy products and services to public institutions and businesses for a fee.
Blaming President Uhuru is at times MISPLACED politicization of CORRUPTION and SHOULD be avoided in order to FOCUS on the REAL drivers and the passengers aboard in form of IDENTIFIABLE repeat IDENTIFIABLE civil servants, business PEOPLE and Politicians.
CORRUPTION is NOT about politics but about personal GREED for self-aggrandizement.
GREED is in itself a VOID, which CANNOT be satisfied by ANY amount of MONEY. That is why even the RICHEST CORRUPT people continue to GRAB and hold onto STOLEN public RESOURCES notwithstanding their riches.
Look at CORRUPTION from that broad perspective and ONLY then does the magnitude of the TASK ahead emerge and the great potential that lies ahead.

Who can Fund the War on CORRUPTION modeled on Innovative branded products?

Here are 7 sources of funding for Kenyan entrepreneurs by the government institutions, which Citizens Against Corruption Kenya will enlist support from.

Youth Enterprise Development Fund

This is arguably the most renowned of our government’s initiatives. Sadly this is because it has been tainted by scandals. That notwithstanding, it’s a core part of realizing Vision 2030.

The Youth Fund was established in 2006 with aims of availing opportunities to Kenyan youth. The government eyes fostering entrepreneurship as a tool in dealing with youth unemployment. The fund is open to those aged between 18-35 years old.

That age group will form Youth and Women Citizens Against Corruption Clusters. The clusters will manufacture products such as Bamboo Toothpicks to promote Bamboo production as a cash crop. Kenya will save foreign exchange being wasted on imports of toothpicks from China and Dubai denying Kenyan youths and farmers income and job opportunities.

Uwezo Fund

Mirroring the Youth Fund is Uwezo Fund. Only that it has a much wider scope. It is an empowerment program, created in 2013, hoped to benefit Women, Youth and Persons with Disability.

It offers capital and mentorship to entrepreneurs with the primary aims of achieving gender equality and eradicating poverty. Its loans range from sh.50,000-500,000 at a time. Citizens Against Corruption Kenya will be a willing partner.

Women Enterprise Fund

This initiative is tied to the Ministry of Gender. From the name it is evident whom it targets. Women Enterprise Fund not only offers credit to women entrepreneurs but also markets goods and services produced by them. Keeping in line with the social motivation of these government funds; it aims to make women financially independent.

It offers ideal partnership opportunity with Citizens Against Corruption Kenya. Women will engage in manufacture of textile products and personal effects of a broad range.


The Industrial and Commercial Development Corporation is a 60-year-old soul. Nevertheless, it still plays an important role in our Vision 2030 quest. It avails funding for Kenyan entrepreneurs through medium and long term financing. The main task of ICDC is to prop up industrial development in Kenya. A key but poorly sold sector to the public. ICDC offers venture capital, joint ventures, commercial loans and asset financing.

Kenya Industrial Estates

Like ICDC, KIE is joined to the Ministry of Industrialization at the hip. The Kenyan Government is aware that industrialization is the key to reaching developed status. It is little wonder then that KIE is driven to indigenize industry in Kenya. It provides industrial sheds, subsidizes credit and improves entrepreneurial skills of small to medium size enterprises. KIE offers Jua Kali sector loans of between sh.100,000-500,000 and to medium enterprises it offers up to 14 million shillings. Kenya Industrial Estates were intended to be incubation centres for industrial growth and can spin anti-corruption-based products.

Industrial Development Bank

Industry is a capital heavy venture thus excuses the government’s many Development Finance Institutions. IDB has been in existence for a long time just like its sister institutes. Established in 1973, it offers secured loans for medium and large industrial enterprises. The loans come in typical variety; be it project and asset financing or even hire purchase. IDB will assist you establish or expand your business so go for it.
Industries can be set up to specifically manufacture Ant-Corruption branded commercial items by Citizens Against Corruption Kenya brand (CACK brand).

Agriculture Finance Corporation

It’s logical to have an agriculture specific fund. After all, agriculture is still the backbone of our lauded diversified economy. AFC was initially set up to enable transfer of land to Kenyan farmers in post independence Kenya. Today it offers credit to the agricultural entrepreneurs among us.
Agricultural activities will yield textile, leather, and other raw materials for use in branded anti-corruption products across the board.

Citizens Against Corruption Kenya will also engage in partnerships with local industries to promote Made in Kenya Brand, Such industries will include Textile manufacturers to produce raw materials for Citizens Against Corruption Kenya (CACK-Brand) wide range of textile products.

Other Potential Partners

Citizens Against Corruption Kenya will seek partnership with corporate bodies empowering Youth and Women as well as other citizens’ economic endeavours

The Way Forward:
Citizens Against Corruption Kenya will soon invited those who wish to be part of the Commercialized War on Corruption to a Workshop to discuss the GREAT OPPORTUNITIES ahead.

Parting Word:

We are born innocent but life is a journey of unpredictable destinations some of them being prisons as a result of CORRUPTION.